Posted by: scoopzone | July 2, 2010

LSU Crawfish Boil 2010

I hosted and much smaller crew at this year’s annual LSU Alumni crawfish boil at the end of May here in San Diego. The whole thing just sort of snuck up on me during the spring, and rather than have three tables of 30 people I could only score a single 10-person table because I got the tickets late.

Apologies to anyone who wanted to go but didn’t get a ticket offer from me. I promise to be on top of things next year.

The most notable thing about this year’s event, aside from the larger-than-normal crowd of 3,500, was the size of the crawfish. Since the event happen so late in the crawfish season, we usually end up with pretty small mudbugs that get overcooked. Not so this year.

We apparently benefited from the long winter in south Louisiana and late crawfish season. This year’s crawfish were huge, and the cooks who drove the live critters here from Lafayette did their best job ever cooking them.

As usual, the boil was held on the old football practice field next to Qualcomm Stadium.

I never can remember this guy’s name, but he played for LSU in the early ’80s and he serves red beans and rice to the set up crew each year.

Click on any pic to view it larger.

These are my neighbors Mitch and Tom. They were alumini crawfish boil virgins, and they seemed to have a great time.

One of the day’s biggest highlights was the appearance of LSU football great Jacob Hester. This wasn’t his first alumni boil since joining the San Diego Chargers in 2008, but it was the first time he went on stage greeted fans.

His scrappy effort on the field and ability to create big plays already has made him a fan favorite here. But just being of the 2007 LSU national championship team was enough to send the crawfish boil crowd into a worshiping frenzy. His hunky good looks certainly don’t hurt things.


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